Welcome to 2022

Somehow it seems fitting that my first blog post of the year be written 3 days late. From a new lockdown here in Ontario and Mentally recovering from a Crazy “Busy” Season, to deciding to change up my business model for this year… things have been insane. Oh and did I forget to mention that my laptop battery decided to fry the day before online schooling for my 5 year old was supposed to start?

I’m starting out 2022 with a refreshed way of looking at my business. I want to get print products into the hands of my clients because people need those family heirlooms now more than ever. A Usb or having your images online won’t cut it forever, one day that technology will be obsolete. If you want your kids and grandkids to have something to hold onto that they can look at forever. No matter how advanced technology is by then, you’ll need a beautiful tangible piece of Art. This year we’re introducing Albums, Mini Birth Announcements, Desk Prints for parents that have to go back to work, Grandparent Albums and so much more.

In 2021 I photographed 60 Christmas Mini Sessions, 7 Maternity Sessions, 15 Outdoor Family Sessions and 45 Newborn Sessions! This year I photographed my 129th baby since starting out. I was going to do a year in review collage featuring every session of 2021 but the program I was using kept crashing. Below are my Top Favourites of 2021!

In 2021 We were forced to close for 4.5 months with businesses struggling to recover their bookings in the surrounding months. I was basically out of work for half the year so I’l really impressed with the progress that was made last year and I hope that even with these extremely high covid numbers that this year will be okay too.

My goals for 2022 are: More Printed Work, Implement Reveal Sessions, Photograph my 175th baby and to overall improve my happiness as a business owner while providing a way better service for my clients.

New Years may have felt Blah this year but I know there will be good things to come this year… there has to be. We must hold onto our hope.