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Hi, I'm Sydney!

Mother. Doula. Baby Whisperer.

As a Certified Postpartum Doula with Doula Training Canada and with over 5 years of experience as a Newborn Photographer, I have created the ultimate postpartum experience. Merging my love of babies and my compassion for new parents I love being able to offer support in more than one way.

My Clients have the option of choosing: Postpartum Doula Care, Newborn Photography or Both.

Postpartum Doula - Milton Ontario. Smile On Photography Newborn Photographer

Smile On ~ Doula Pricing

When you choose Doula Care with us you have 2 main options. Either Overnight or During the Day. 


  • Provided in Hospital or in Home. 
  • Availability will depend on Hospital covid restrictions & current Client caseload.
  • Includes: Assistance with Standing and Walking after Birth, Caring for the Birthing Person Postpartum, Assisting with Feedings & Charting, Diaper Changes, Calming Baby, Assisting with Skin to Skin and making sure everyone is well hydrated. In home can also include sweeping, light laundry, cleaning pump parts, making bottles.
  • Priority will be on making sure mom & baby are doing well and are able to have a smooth night.

Per Night- up to 8hrs - $175

Per Hour - min 4 hrs - $28/ph


  • Currently taking on clients for September 2022.
  • Daytime hours are scheduled from 9:45am to 2:30pm
  • Hours can be spread out throughout the month.
Postpartum Doula - Milton Ontario. Smile On Photography Newborn Photographer

Why Do I need a Doula?

Postpartum Doulas are there to fill in the gaps. We are non medical support people but do have knowledge and training in Infant care, breast and formula feeding, and the Postpartum body. I can let you know when it's time to seek medical care and provide physical and emotional support for you, your partner and your baby.

Often my clients choose to hire me because I listen to your needs and adjust how I help based on your needs.

Postpartum is a super vulnerable time in your life. I'm here to help you listen to your instincts, heal from birth and give you the confidence to no longer need me.

can I call you?

Yes, Once you are a confirmed client of mine you will have access to my personal phone number.

If you require an immediate reply, the best way to contact me is through Text, or WhatsApp.

If I don't answer your call I might be with another family overnight, sleeping after a shift, driving or in a Newborn Session.

what else do we need to know?

I won't judge you based on your choices for your baby. I won't push breastfeeding or formula feeding, I go with your plan and can assist by following your lead.

If you choose to circumcise or pierce your baby's ears I will assist in aftercare for your little one.

If you have any religious practices for postpartum I will do my best to learn and assist if needed.

I will also not judge you for a messy house! You literally just had a baby.

What Can't a Doula Do?

As a non medical support person, I can't formally diagnose or treat illnesses or injuries.

I'm not a babysitter or nanny so if you're planning a date night out and looking for care for your child(ren) I wouldn't be the person to call.

I'm not a councillor or therapist so any emotional support that's given is informal and you may require resources to find a trained councillor. I can provide you with those resources.

Are there payment plans?

Yes Absolutely, Payment Plans can be negotiated based on need. Payment Plans may require a deposit and may require a minimum amount of hours.

How Many nights do we need?

I would suggest 2 Nights to start and then if more are needed we will go from there. These first 2 nights could be at the hospital post birth or your first nights at home. Alternatively some clients like to have overnight care when their partner goes back to work.

What Can a Doula Do?

After Delivery, I can assist in helping you walk, getting out of bed or chair and can help with positioning baby for feeding or skin to skin.

I can show you different ways to burp and hold your baby as well as changing diapers and assist in feedings.

I'm here to calm anxiety about what's normal postpartum and let you know when something may be concerning.

After Delivery and During Recovery, I can be there for you and get you whatever you need: water, snacks, pillow, a new pad, refilling a peri bottle, breast-pads...