Today we’re coming back with another Baby Name list! This Time it’s 15 Baby Names that start with “Z”. The perfect “Z” name can be super hard to find, so I’m here to help! Not every blog post will be of baby names but I do love researching and discovering new names.


The First name on Our List is Zion. This name is one of the more popular names on our list with a Hebrew Origin meaning “highest point”, Jerusalem and Israel. This name is considered a Gender Neutral Name, however it’s more often used for Boys than it is for Girls.

Zion name also has a Jamaican Origin meaning “Utopia” or “place of unity”.


The Second name on Our List is Zahara. This name has multiple origins. In Swahili, Zahara means “flower”. In Hebrew, Zahara means “to shine”, and in Arabic Zahara means “Flower” or “Most Exquisite”.

Zahara is a super cute Baby Girl’s name that should definitely be considered if you’re looking for a great “Z” name.


The Third Name on Our List is Zaheer. Zaheer has an Urdu origin meaning “Ally”, “Supporter”, “blossomed”. In Muslim practices, Zaheer also comes with a lucky number of eight.

Zaheer can also be spelled Zahir and is Most commonly used for Baby Boys.


The Fourth Name on Our List is Zena. This name has a Greek Origin meaning “Hospitable”. Zena is currently ranked #838 in the United States. 


The Fifth Name on Our List is Zaiah. The Name Zaiah is popular in Arabic speaking Countries meaning “Popular” and “Well-Known”. Zaiah is a gender neutral name. It can also be used as a variation of the boys name Isaiah that has origins in Hebrew. This name is also extremely pretty for Girls. 


The Sixth Name on Our List is Zakari. This name is a great Variation on the name Zachary. Zakari is of Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord recalled”. While still super low on the popularity charts, this name is gaining popularity exponentially since 1996. It still ranks in the #2000s range for popularity in the United States. 


The Seventh Name on Our List is Zelaura. This is a name that I made up, basically just adding a Ze in front of the name Laura. You could also go with Zelara. Or ZeLaura / ZeLara. Both Laura and Lara have Latin Origins. With Lara being derived from the name Laura, both names have the meaning of "the bay” “laurel plant/leaf“. Adding a Ze in front of either of these names can give you a great twist on the names without being too out there. 


The Eighth Name On Our List is Zoey. Zoey has a Greek Origin Meaning “Life”. The Name Zoey has many different variations for spelling. Zoí, Zoë, Zoie, Zoé, Zoe, Zoee and Zoya are all different versions of the name Zoey. Zoey is a great name if you want to play around with spelling or if you’re looking at a diverse name with varying cultural origins.

The Name Zoe can also be found in the Christian Bible. 


The Ninth Name On Our List is Zoya. Zoya is the Russian and Ukranian version of Zoey. In Russia the name Zoya means “Life”. This name is also found in Greek meaning “life”. Zoya is also a Muslim Girl Name, meaning “Alive”. 


The Tenth Name on Our List is Zaid. Zaid is a Baby Boy’s name of Arabic Origin meaning “Master”. The popularity of this name has increased significantly since 1982 but still ranks pretty low on the United States popularity charts with only 218 babies being named Zaid in 2008.


The Eleventh Name on Our List is Zelda. Zelda comes from a Yiddish origin with an Old German meaning of “dark battle”. This name was extremely popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s, before it dropped in popularity in the 1980s. Zelda of course is a popular name used by parents that love to play the game “Zelda”. 


The Twelfth Name On Our list is Zoelle. This name is Very Similar to Zoey with the same Greek origin and meaning of “Life”. Zoelle deserves its own spot on this list because its so unique to the name Zoey in my opinion. It’s a fantastic variation with “elle” at the end giving it a French twist to the name. Elle in French means “she”. This name then becomes very Matriarchal when you elaborate the meanings of both names put together to create the meaning of “She who brings Life”. 


The Thirteenth Name On Our List is Zayna. This name sounds very similar to Elayna or Dana. Zayna is of Arabic Origin meaning “Beauty”. This name would also be a fantastic twin name for a baby boy named Zander. 


The Fourteenth Name On Our List is Zophia. This name is usually spelled Zofia which has a Polish Origin or a Old Greek Origin meaning “Wisdom”. When Changing the spelling from Zofia to Zophia, you get a super unique derivative of the name Sophia. Sophia is of Greek Origin also meaning “Wisdom”


The Fifteenth Name On Our List is Zenos. Zenos is a Greek name meaning “Hospitality”. A variation of this name is also Xenos. This name is also found in the Book of Mormon. Other than that, I couldn’t find very much information on this name, but it would also make a super cute twin name to any name on this list.

I hope you enjoyed that list! Come back next week for our Top 10 Baby Must Haves!