Hey! Are you an Expecting Parent looking for an Adorable 4 Letter baby Name for your baby? Here are 7 Amazing Baby Names to consider!

Baby Names can be so fun to look through, but finding the perfect name for your precious baby can be a huge Challenge. I’m Here to help! These names are short and sweet. Names that will last your little one through all stages of life.

So let’s jump into it!

The First Name on my List is Boaz!

Boaz is a Baby Boy’s Name with Hebrew Origin meaning Swiftness or Strength. I love how uncommon and unique this name is, your child will absolutely not be lost in the crowd with this one. A bonus to this name is the super cute nickname of Bo.

Boaz is a Very Biblical Name commonly used in the 1700s.

The Second Name is Luna!

Luna is one of my all time favourite baby Girl’s Names. This name is definitely on the rise in popularity for 2021 babies. Names Relating to the Moon are a huge trend this upcoming year with Luna being a front runner. Luna is just such a pretty name and its one that would suit so many different personality types.

Luna means Moon in many languages and has a Latin Origin.

The Third Name is Cova!

This name is a super uncommon Baby Girl’s Name that has a Spanish Origin meaning Cave. The Name Cova would work with so many different Middle and Last names. A baby girl with this name could really grow up to be anything. If you’re looking for Twin Names you could easily go with Cova and Coben.

The Fourth Name is Liam!

Liam is a Super Classic name. It’s the short form of William and has a Germanic Origin. This name is super popular, but for a good reason! Liam is the perfect name to honour an ancestor with the name William without sounding quite as formal. Liam is a celebrity baby name with celebrities such as Tori Spelling naming her son Liam. This name also goes with a lot of different middle and last names.

The Fifth Name is Vesa!

When researching this name I found a few different origins and meanings. Vesa has origins in Albania, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Vesa is considered a gender neutral name although I’d be more inclined tp use it for a baby girl. This name sounds like Jessa but with the twist of using an uncommon letter. The Albanian meaning of Vesa is Dewdrop, the Finish meaning is Sapling. I’ve also seen the words “young tree” used to describe this name.

The Sixth Name is Zeus!

Zeus is such a Powerful name for a little boy. Originating in Greek Mythology. Zeus isn’t a super common name these days but it would make for an amazing baby name!

Twin Names for Zeus could be Zoey or Zain. Naming your child Zeus will undoubtedly set him up for a lifetime of feeling empowered to be himself. 

The Seventh Name is Alex!

Alex was once a super popular name for both boys and girls. Alex is the shortened version of Alexander or Alexandra. I feel like the name Alex definitely needs to make a comeback! As much as I adore the name Alexa that would be super challenging if you have an Amazon Alexa in your home. The Name Alexis would also be a fantastic alternative to Alex and while it’s more commonly associated with being a Girl’s name, Alexis could really be a gender neutral name. There are so many alternatives for this name that the possibilities for nicknames seem endless!

So there were my Top 7, 4 Letter Baby Names! No matter what you decide to name your Newborn, I know you will make the right decision. Every baby is so different and I truly believe that they will tell you one way or another if they like the name you’ve chosen for them. I’ve known so many people that have gone into the delivery room with 1 name in their mind and its been set for Months, but when they see their baby, their baby just doesn’t suit that original name and ends up with a completely different name. That’s Totally Okay! So, I always suggest to have at least 1 good alternative name.

Good Luck with Your Delivery!