1. Octavia/ Octavius: Octavius was originally a Roman Family Name. In Latin, the names Octavia and Octavius refer to the number 8. A baby born eighth in a family or a baby born in the 8th month of the year would likely be named Octavius for a boy or Octavia for a girl. I think this name would be so cute for a child born in the month of October.
  2. Oasis : This word as a name would be absolutely perfect for any baby born in 2020 or 2021. The meaning of Oasis is: “a place of calm in the midst of chaos”.
  3. Odyssey: With this name you describe life itself. What is life but a journey, an odyssey. This name could be suitable for either a boy or a girl. The word Odyssey is derived from a legendary hero of Greek Mythology named Odysseus. Odysseus was known for his ingeniousness, eloquent speaking and as a cunning trickster.
  4. Ophelia: Originating from Ancient Greek, Ophelia is a name meaning “Helper”. This name is most commonly known because of Shakespeare’s use of the name in his play entitled “Hamlet”. Ophelia is such a pretty name for a baby girl.
  5. Oswald: According to behindthename.com, "Saint Oswald was a king of Northumbria who introduced Christianity to northeast England in the 7th century before being killed in battle.” By the end of the Middle Ages, this name had practically died out, but came back in the 1800s. Fun Nicknames for Oswald are: Oz and Ozzy/Ozzie
  6. Otello: Otello has routes in Germanic and English Literature, it’s most commonly used in Italy. The female version of this name is Otella. A quick google search will show you that this name has many many different variations and meanings.
  7. Othaniel: This is super uncommon. At first I thought I had made it up but it turns out that there is someone out there with this name! When I first thought of it I simply put an “O” in place of the “N” in Nathanial. A similar name to this one is Othniel which is a Hebrew name meaning “Strength of God”. 
  8. Olexiy: With Russian, Ukranian and Greek origins, this name means “man’s defender”. In many languages this name is spelled with an A and is a variation of the name Alexis. Alexis means “helping” or “defending”.
  9. Orion: The Son of Poseidon, a mighty Hunter. Orion originates in Greek Mythology. After being slain by the goddess Artemis, Zeus placed Orion in the night sky as one of the brightest constellations.
  10. Orianna: This name has it’s origin in Latin, meaning “dawn” or “gold. This name only started to become popular in the United States in 1981, peaking in popularity in 2013. Orianna is a very uncommon name. It’s a great choice if you like the name Arianna but want a little twist. 
  11. Orlin: According to thebump.com, “Orlin as a boy's name is of German origin meaning "renowned in the land”. This name is certainly another unpopular name, with it’s peak popularity being in the early 1900s. If you’re looking for a Twin name to Orlando, this might be the name for you.
  12. Océane: Océane is a French name meaning Ocean, most commonly given to baby girls. If you’re looking for a Boy’s Version of this name you could also go with Oceanus, which relates back to Ancient Greece. Oceanus was “the god of the open sea and the oldest titan”- nameberry.com
  13. Omero: Omero is the Spanish variation of the name Homer. Omero also has greek origins meaning “security or pledge”. There isn’t a lot to be learned about this name, but it’s another super unpopular name, with it’s peak being between 1973 and 1987 in the United States.
  14. Onora: I absolutely love this baby name. With Gaelic and Irish origins, this name means Honor. With any name containing the name Nora; Nora Means Light. So you could say that this name means Honor and Light.
  15. Orielle: This name comes from French and Latin origins meaning Golden. Alternatives to this name are: Oralia / Aurelia or Rielle. The meaning of the name Rielle is “of the Angles”.

I hope you enjoyed this baby name list! Come Back next week for another blog post!